Jul 23rd

For the first Feature, what better selection that the site itself? It meets the qualification of a small site seeking an audience.

I’d been having a lot of discussions with a friend about our web projects and how to gain attention for projects we believe in, but don’t have the funds to properly advertise. Even asking those who have been successful it’s very fuzzy how things became successful. ‘It just sorta happened’ is great for them, but not a great start to a plan for hopeful authors or developers. With the different parts of the site that will be presented, the hope is that process will become more clear.

With the launch of the site, we are starting with two main areas: Features and Articles. Features are sites/blogs/apps/podcasts/whatever that are new or established and still looking for an audience. The Feature will include a description and background from the owner. Users to ThePult can help by checking out the URL and providing the owner with feedback. Articles will be geared toward those new developers and will include tips and answers to questions submitted to the site.

This Feature serves as an introduction to the site and an example of what will be included with features. The goal is not to push owners who are Featured into a template. Each feature should be unique to their needs. You can get started and submit your URL for consideration.

Social for ThePult: Facebook Twitter Google+

Desired Feedback (to be left in the comments)
Site Design feedback is welcome. As the site gets more content the design will fill out.
Feature and Article suggestions would also be helpful.

Mike’s Comments
Kind of an odd position to comment on my own site. These comment boxes will be included on each of the Features. It will include thoughts from ThePult author posting the Feature. That could involve feedback or experience with the URL or its owner. Don’t worry, the authors will still be active in the discussion of feedback in the comments.