About Me: I started this site as a way to bring more attention to sites and other things you can find on the web that for whatever reason haven’t been found by a large audience. I have had plenty of projects that suffered the same fate.

I’ve been working on sites for years, since somewhere around the mid-90s when I was in middle school. That wasn’t enough so I went to college and learned more about programming as a Computer Engineer. After that I worked as a programmer (err, Software Engineer) for a few years before deciding that b-school was the thing for me. Even during b-school my classmates would look at me funny when they’d see my computer filled with code while I was messing around with one of my projects.

Besides Tech related things, sports are my top interest. So when I’m in charge of Features, look for lots of sports sites and podcasts, especially those featuring Philly teams.

Other Sites:
Borderline Fantastic
Ice Cream Helmet

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