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Goal of My Site:
I started my blog in order to share social media marketing insights, particularly those I learned during my 3 years with Penn State Football. I hope my experiences will help improve social media marketing tactics as a means of growing and strengthening fan avidity.

My Background:
I am a recent MBA graduate from Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, where I earned concentrations in Marketing, Strategic Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

I am aspiring to advance my career in Marketing. I have 3 years of experience in Sports Marketing, having interned with Penn State Football Marketing and Promotions during my undergraduate and graduate tenure at PSU.

A Demonstration of My Work:
My most recent post, Penn State Football: A Brand Placed in Purgatory by the Media has been very popular thus far as it offers a point-of-view on the Sandusky Scandal that continues to be overlooked by popular media.

Feedback I’m Looking For:
I would love for people to actually comment on my posts themselves. Despite over several thousand views, none of my posts have actually been commented on. I would love to hear from my readers!

– Kelly Burns of Marketing Reality

Mike’s Comments
Kelly was an MBA classmate of mine at Penn State.

When Kelly started her blog, one of the first questions I had was what led her to Blogspot? I’ve never used it for a full site, just tried it out when evaluating platforms. I was not a fan of the redesign last year, which is what stood out when I first looked at Marketing Reality. This led me to my first Q4U (Question for You) about blogging platforms to help me write a full article about them.

The next step for Kelly is using her platform to expand her voice past her experience. I don’t think it will be that difficult. A blog focused on sports marketing sounds incredibly interesting. I think there is probably enough even to just focus on social media and sports. In fact, I hope she does that because I’m anxious to read that.