About a year and a half ago, I bought my first Android device. The first thing that came to my attention was the lack of quality music player apps. I could not find one single app that met all of my requirements. A few came close but they either had user interfaces that were very unintuitive or just lacked the customization options I grew accustomed to when listening to music on my PC. I had been wanting to get into Android development for awhile, so I took this as a great opportunity to get started. My goal was simple, to create a music player that was extremely customizable and loaded with features. Not everyone likes to listen to music the same way, so they should be able to set up their own customized listening experience. A half year later I released GoneMAD Music Player on Google Play and have continued to improve the app.

Why is GoneMAD Music Player different?
While my app is packed full of features like true gapless playback, 10 band equalizer, dsp limiter, replaygain support, cuesheet support, bookmarking, crossfading, and the ability to play some of the music formats that Android does not support out of the box (flac, tta, wv, wma, mpc), the main difference from other players is I provide the ability to customize nearly every single aspect about the player. You can choose what tags to display for the song playing, customize what action you want to be performed when you press a button on your headset or do a gesture, customize what happens after a playlist finishes, and much much more. I even provided 12 different skins to choose from.

My End Goal.
My goal with this app is nothing short of becoming the top player on the market. It is quite an ambitious goal but I am confident in my abilities.

My Background:
I have been working as a software engineer for roughly 6 and a half years, but had been programming personal projects since the age of 8.

Feedback I am looking for:
I take every suggestion from my user base seriously and try to include as many feature requests as possible, so the feedback I am looking for would be feature requests or how things could be done differently.  Some things that come very naturally to me, might not to others so I always like to get opinions on how others would like the app to work.

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gonemad.gmmp
Blog/Homepage: http://gonemadmusicplayer.blogspot.com/

– Kyle Hunsberger, GoneMAD Developer

Mike’s Comments
Kyle and I graduated from the same High School. We didn’t really know each other then, I think we had a gym class together. I got to know him when he showed up for work at the same place I was working. Our paths crossed quite a few times during the 4+ years we were both there.

I don’t have an Android device, so I can’t talk directly about his app. However, I completely understand his motivations, which is what makes me like this so much. When software development was my day job, I’d still come home and continue to code. I would also become frustrated with software currently available and consider writing my own apps. I’ve stuck to web development, but I’ve started an app or two but didn’t get over the Objective-C hurdle to finish anything.

The app I most want to write is to manage podcasts. With Spotify, I have no need to have iTunes except for podcasts. However, if I was able to finish a Mac app, I’d need to write an iOS app to sync with it and after that, I’d want Windows and Android to make it fully cross-platform. I wrote about it last year and not much has changed.

Things I like from what I see:
Trial Version – Even when apps are just $.99, I’m very particular and a lot of times need to try an app out to see if it meets my particular use case.
Web Presence – Every app should have a web presence outside of the app store(s). It isn’t hard, so there is really no excuse. Kyle has used Blogspot and that works just great.
Support – A contact page and forum. You don’t need much else.
Roadmap – Wow. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an app page that even suggests what is coming let alone develop a page for it. I’d be curious how Kyle manages feature requests.