by Mike Jul 28th

Thanks to everyone who helped this week by allowing me to feature their URL and just stopping by to visit. We still need more URLs to make it a great Week 2. Submit your URL now!


Monday: The site launched by featuring, well, the site itself.

Marketing Reality

Tuesday: Day 2 featured a classmate’s blog that highlights her experiences with marketing the Penn State Football program.

Inter-Dis Material

Wednesday: I did a lot of talking about podcasting, featuring my podcast, Inter-Dis Material.

Style Girlfriend

Thursday: Megan made her first Feature, talking about her site, Style Girlfriend.

GoneMAD Music Player

Friday: Strong end to the week by featuring an Android Music App. Really made me want to try it out, but I have no plans to ditch iOS anytime soon.

by Mike Jul 26th

Time to meet another member of ThePult family. Megan has her first Feature up today, it’s of her site, but you have to get to know her somehow. Look for more Features from her, I’m curious what sorts of sites she’ll pick out besides fashion. Any fashion URLs I get will be sent right to her.

I met Megan in college and as she mentioned on her Style Girlfriend feature, we’ve had many discussions about starting sites and blogs and how to build an audience. She was my sounding board for most of the ideas for this site. I’m sure she’ll sell those emails for millions when this site becomes huge. Then you’ll be able to see how my original idea morphed into ThePult, with few similarities, before she had time to read the first email.

View Megan’s Page

by Mike Jul 23rd

I feel like I’d be introducing myself twice, so you should just have a look at my page on ThePult. Eventually as I’ve made more posts it will help you to find the Features and Articles I’ve written.

by Mike Jul 23rd

Welcome to The Pult. To get started, check out the Feature for The Pult. That should give you some background of the site and an example of what’s to come. The goal is to have something new for you each day, and if you are good, lots of clipart use.

You can get started interacting, besides leaving comments and feedback on posts. The following links can help to shape what sort of content shows up on the site.

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You can also find us on the popular social networking sites: Facebook Twitter Google+

For those of you, like me, who still use RSS over anything that has claimed to replace it, there is a feed for all Features and Articles and also a feed of just the Features.

Stay tuned as our first features roll out and for introductions from the great people that will be posting content on the site.

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